Terms and conditions:

  • We do not offer refunds for inclement weather so please secure an alternate indoor location for your event in advance.
  • Artists cannot be held responsible for the number of attendees at your event.
  • Artists who arrive and are ready to paint at designated start time are not responsible for late arrivals or late start to the party. 
  • The client will reimburse artist for any parking fees, which must be paid on the day of the event.
  • The client agrees to pay the full amount contracted once the artist(s) have arrived at the event location.
  • The client agrees to pay for any accidents or injuries caused by pets or guests, and/or any loss or damage to artist's equipment or supplies caused by pets, sprinklers, or guests.
  • Estimated number of children painted per hour is dependent upon all of the guests being present at the start time and ready to go one after another. For a more casual schedule, please factor in additional time.
  • Artists will not be responsible for supervising children. Their behavior and safety is the Client’s and/or Parents’ responsibility, and client agrees to provide proper supervision for all children.
  • Artist is not responsible for any adverse effects that other entertainment might have on the face painting, such as sweat (bounce houses), water (swimming pools), etc. Your quoted time frame does not include time required to re-do faces so please plan accordingly.
  • Client understands that darker face paints will linger and must be removed with mild soap, water and washcloth.
  • Artists are not liable for allergic reactions to face paints, products used for glitter tattoos, or Henna stains. People with skin allergies or sensitive skin should not participate, request an ingredient list, or have artist perform a patch test at the beginning of the event. We strive to use only the safest materials; however, no product can guarantee that they will not cause a reaction on anyone. It is the client's responsibility to be aware of ingredients that they or their guests may be sensitive to, and ask for an ingredient list if desired.
  • Artist will not paint anyone who is or appears to be sick or suffering from cold sores, conjunctivitis, ringworm, sunburn, eczema, any infectious skin condition or open wounds.  These determinations are at the artist's discretion.
  • Artist reserves the right to stop painting and leave without refunding any monies if there are extreme adverse working conditions and the client fails to remedy the situation after it has been brought to the client's attention.  Adverse conditions include, but are not limited to, destructive, violent, or inappropriate behavior of a child, pet or adult, illegal activities, or otherwise dangerous conditions including lightening and severe weather.
  • Artist will not paint subject matter that he or she deems offensive or disturbing.
  • Artists may take photos of their work. Artist retains the right to use these images for promotional purposes on the company website and social media pages. If you do not wish for photographs to be taken, please inform us in writing prior to your event.
  • Please, leave a parking space open in front of the event location on the street, the driveway, or a loading dock so Artist can unload equipment.
  • Should our Artist get sick or have to cancel due to reasons outside of our control and we cannot find a replacement, all monies will be refunded.


  • Iowa City
  • Cedar Rapids

  • Mount Pleasant

  • Muscatine

  • Oskaloosa

  • Davenport

... and Surrounding Areas


  • $75 per hour

  • +$25 for each additional service

  • $25+ costume makeup

  • $75+ baby bump painting

  • Travel fees added to events more than 20 minutes away

  • Additional fees may apply

  • Tax included in price

  • Local options available for events located in Washington, IA

  • Party Planning priced by individual event. Contact me for additional information/quotes.

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face painter and Temporary tattoo artist Serving Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Mount Pleasant, and surrounding areas.

If I didn't start painting, I would have raised chickens. -William Lyon Phelps

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