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As many of you have no doubt have noticed, I use top of the line products. In this industry, you definitely get what you pay for. When it comes to putting products on your skin, you should really spare no expense. Especially when it comes to the skin of your littles. I only use face paint from quality brands. And no matter what results or advise you get from others, you should NEVER use craft paint that is not meant for use on skin!

Non-toxic is NOT the same as skin-safe!

* I am an Amazon affiliate and Oriental Trading affiliate.

Before I get into anything, I try to research as much as I can about the subject. That includes both the good and the bad. When it comes to face paint, the most common products that cause skin irritation or reactions are the least expensive ones, like the ones that cost about ten dollars for an entire kit at your local discount department store.

I go for top of the line products because that is what is safest and gives the best end result. The safety and quality are worth every penny. The most common brands I use are Mehron, TAG, Silly Farm, and Wolfe. Each brand has its specific uses. I prefer different brands for different things because of the formulas they use.

For instance, Mehron formulas are very comfortable and wearable all over the face. So, for full face applications I gravitate to these colors.

TAG and Silly Farm have some great blends for rainbow and one-stroke cakes.

Wolfe has some very pigmented colors. Because of the formula they use, I tend to use these colors for linework and they really stand out and pop when put on top of other colors. So, I always keep a Wolfe white and black on hand and use them in almost every design.

There are other newer brands that I have tried and liked, but I always tend to go back to those main brands unless there is a specific color combination that only certain brands offer. These brands include Kryvaline, Kraze, Global, and Fusion.

Another brand that is actually pretty amazing and is a great substitute for Wolfe, is Diamond FX. Both of these brands offer formulas that are highly pigmented, have great coverage, and are bright even on top of other colors.

As far as brushes go, my favorites are kind of hard to come by. I prefer certain Loew-Cornell brushes that are now discontinued I believe. They are white taklon with a yellow handle. However, there are other brands that are more than suitable. Silly Farm has their own brushes that work great. Mark Reid and Paradise AQ brushes by Mehron are absolutely fantastic, as well. Blazin Brushes by Marcela Bustamante, The Face Painting Shop's Floral and One-Stroke brushes, and the Art Factory brushes are among my other favorites that I have used and approve of.

The only thing you have to consider when figuring out which brush brand is best for you is your brush preferences. All of the bristles on the brushes are soft and don't scratch the skin when used to apply face paint. However, each brand tends to have their own characteristics. You need to figure out if you like short or long bristles, softer or stiffer bristles, thicker or thinner handles, long or short handles, etc.

Luckily, I am here to make it easier for you! My services take the guess work out of trying it yourself, not to mention it definitely saves a lot of money as opposed to buying all the supplies yourself. Trust me, it adds up quick! If you are interested in trying it yourself, I always encourage everyone to try things if it interests them! Or, you can contact me to maybe set up a training session or workshop. I love to teach and help others! I have done workshops for my local library programs before (both face painting and SFX) and it was very well received by the teens! They had so much fun!

Until next time!

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